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Legal advice

Identity and owner of the website
Company Legal Name (Norway): GLORIA ORRI SANCHA DESIGN
Orgazitation number: 925314323
Company type: "Enkeltpersonforetak"
NACE Industry: 74,102 Graphic and visual communication design
Company Address: C/O Wenche Førland Sandvika 14, 4329 Sandnes (Norway)
Intellectual property
The projects published on this website that are subject to the rights of tertiary companies have been informed and consulted to publish the projects on this website (always are mentioned).

The graphic creations -graphics, infographics, etc- to visualize the cases and the content of the portfolio cases are subject to copyright and intellectual property. In no case will these rights be transferred or assigned without our prior, explicit and written consent.

Specifically, the contents of this website may not be reproduced, reinterpreted, disseminated, sold, distributed or used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Likewise, we will be delighted if you share our content on blogs, websites and social networks, as long as you cite us as its authors.

Any content that may appear on this website whose copyright and intellectual property belong to a third party, will be duly indicated.
Exclusion of Liability
"" will not be responsible in any case for damages of any kind that may be caused by visiting this site, either by error or omission in the content or by the transmission of any malicious program that occurs through despite having taken the necessary technological measures to avoid it.

There will also be no liability arising from the use that the reader may make of the information contained on our website or the consequences that may arise from said application.

In the case of links to external websites of third parties that may be cited in the contents of "Feeling Studio", it will be done exclusively as an example. In no case is this party exercising any control over said websites, and there is no responsibility in this regard.
Cookies policy
This website uses its own and third-party cookies. We leave you the link to our Privacy Policy, where you have all the detailed information.
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