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This is Gloria
Your UX/UI designer. 

Ymir 🚀
This UX project was a collaboration with Ymir Labs. Ymir Labs is a company that provides scope, design and engineering to build digital products.  From their own experience they could see that purchasing design services from design agencies was not a pleasant experience. The flow and the steps that you need to follow to purchase design services is long and not user friendly. Ymir needed help to perform a UX study in order to find out if it was possible to create a product that could improve the customers experience.

 Case Study    UX Research     UI Design  

Project for Ymir Labs
Wine Experience App
A tourist organisation in Australia was looking to promote local and regional wines for the purpose of encouraging wine tourism. The organisation asked to create a mobile app that will allow users to search for wineries in certain areas using a map view. They should also be able to see information about the vineyard as well as if there are any facilities available such as restaurants or events such.

 UI Design   Interaction Design  

FitTravel App
This UX/UI project was a an assignment for Noroff School. I needed to create an app called Travel Fit that provides the users information of gyms and trainers nearby when they are traveling.

This project was focused on the prototyping and interaction design.

 UI Design   Interaction Design  

FitTravel ✊🏻
The Beavers Journey
 “The Beavers Journey” it´s an exhibition in the Norsk Skogmuseum in Oslo about the beavers survival journey from Norway to Finland during the last 100 years. Due the covid situation, they wanted to digitalise the exhibition in a interactive and “fun” way for children, so everyone could visit this exhibition from the schools or from their home. They wanted this digital exhibition web based, so users could have access from the museum website and also, responsive for different screens.

 UI Design   Interaction Design  

 Responsive Design 

CleanShores App
 Clean Shores had the need to create an app to report the waste that voluntaries recollected during their cleaning sprees in the Norwegian coasts, to investigate and track the waste by areas. Norway is the country with the second biggest long coast in the world (103.000 km of coast in total) so they wanted the app to  able to inform about the waste in real time (using drones) to be more efficient. We helped them to create a low-fidelity wireframe about their App idea in Adobe XD, so they could find investors to create the final prototype and to move on to the implementation.

 UI Design   Interaction Design  

 Responsive D  

Tesla UT🚗
Usability Testing for web
This project was a an assigment for Noroff School and I wanted to add this project in my porfolio to show my skills leading a Usability Testing for an existing website. In this project I planned a Usability Testing to know if is the creating account flow in the Tesla website successful and comfortable for the users. To do so a planned and performed a Usability Testing to get results from real experiences and I find a new proposal to improve the user experience of the Tesla website.

 Usability Testing  Problem solving

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